I have to admit it here but I’m somewhat ADD.  I’ve owned Electirc Chili for several years and it’s taken several forms.  Well, I shouldn’t say several because that sort of understates it a bit.  Maybe it would be more accurate if I said its taken on dozens of forms.  So here I am changing it yet again to reflect one of my many interests. 

You see, I had a conversation with a friend of mine whom I’ve know for about 8 years.  I’ve given him advice on his web business and helped get a couple of things going.  By following my advice, he’s looking at being able to leave his current employer and going off on his own.  Well, for me, I think I need to take some of his advice this time and do a website just on something I enjoy doing.  He noticed that over the last year, the constants in what interests me is music, guitars, and ukuleles.  He suggested I do a site on that even though the competition is fearce.  A site with no expectations other than following my passion.  That’s what this site is about, my passion for music, guitars, and ukuleles.

Now, I don’t what to mislead anyone here.  I’m not a professional musician.  I’m not even close.  I’m an Electric Engineer that dabbles in music so if I post something that’s wrong, please let me know.   So, with that said, take a look around and please leave some comments and get involved in learning with me.

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