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For anyone trying to learn to play guitar the Homespun Instant Access program is absolutely great. I have used Homespun Tapes for many years and find them to be of the highest quality and very usable.

Once in a while I order materials from other companies in my never-ending quest to learn how to play guitar better. Some are quite good, others are just recycled materials that are really not that useful. Homespun Instant Access, however, is always a good choice.

Their catalog features primarily acoustic music, though there is a good section on electric guitar as well. This is due to the fact the Happy Traum and his wife are long-time folk music enthusiasts.

You can pick from many different genres: bluegrass, country blues, folk music, Hawaiian music, classical, rock and roll, rockabilly, flamenco and much more.

For a guitarist just starting out, Homespun Instant Access offers very basic instruction. In fact, if you have fingers, a guitar, and a desire to learn how to play guitar, you will find their courses very suitable.

For intermediate and advanced players, the selection is almost endless. Beware though, that the advanced is really advanced and made for somebody who is truly dedicated to mastering this amazing instrument.

The acoustic guitar is quite simple to play and yet exceedingly difficult. If you want to strum and play so you can sing along the guitar is quite easy to learn. Yet, if you want to flatpick like Tony Rice or fingerpick like Jerry Reed, well you have some years ahead of you!

Learn more about the Homespun Instant Access program.

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