Well, I’ve thought about it for awhile and I think I’m going to clean out some things I have laying around that I don’t use.  Turns out that I don’t use my Martin Backpacker much.  When I go camping I can take my full size acoustic so why bother with the Martin which is cool but just have that full sound.

I’m thinking it’ll be up on Ebay before the week is out.  I wonder if I should play it a little and record it on video to give people a sense for what it sounds like.  I have a Washburn 12 string that I don’t play either but I don’t have a clue how to ship something like that.  It has a funky machine head on it that probably should be fixed first.

Hey, here’s a thought!  I can also put that You Tube video up in the auction that shows it being played during that Christmas song  – “I wish it was Christmas Today” with Jimmy Falon and Horatio Sanz.

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  • Rich:

    Well, after a real hassle in my latest auction, I think I would rather take my Martin to the garbage than go through the process of selling it. Some clown won an auction of an Xbox that my son asked me to do for him. It worked perfectly (verified myself) and this loser first required me to send him a message asking if he was going to pay. He quickly said he pay in a couple days and then after a more than a couple days went by, I opened an unpaid items report on him. He then paid so I sent him the item. Now, after receiving it he claims it doesn’t work. Really? I don’t need this kind of bullshit. I’ll close my friggin’ ebay account if this clown manages to get any of his money back. He obviously scamming people.

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