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Check out Jim in the Fender video.  He’s primarily there to help promote the Fender G-DEC3 Thirty Amp which will play backing tracks.  I’m not so much interested in that as I’m watching Jim and picking up some licks and tips.  Of course, another cool thing is that Jim is all about the Fender Telecaster!

Ok, I made the plunge.  I’ve been hankerin’ to get me a new axe for the last few months.  I’ve been going into stores and playing every guitar I saw.  I’ve been watching for deals and checking Craig’s List daily to see who might be willing to part with that special guitar.  Well, today, I said, “enough is enough” and bought myself a Fender Highway One Telecaster.  Awesome tone and an awsome look that’ll only improve as I use it.  It has a thin finish that’s designed to wear easily so it should get that broken in look real soon.   Here’s the specs…

  • Alder body (Satin nitrocellulose lacquer finish)
  • Maple modern C-shaped neck (Satin polyurethane finish)
  • 9.5″ fretboard radius
  • 22 jumbo frets
  • ’70s styling
  • Greasebucket tone circuit
  • Upgraded hot alnico 3 single-coil pickups voiced for more modern distortion-friendly tones
  • When I get a few more miles on it I’ll come back to write a more thorough review.  At this point I’m still breaking her in.

    Last Christmas I was in Guitar Center helping a friend pick out an acoustic guitar for his son and I picked up a Fender Thinline while he was checking out.  I was immediately impressed with the playablility of this great looking guitar.  The action was amazing as well as it’s sound.  When I looked at the price tag, I immediatly scolded myself for even picking it up because at $1100 it was way out of my league.   I left the store but decided to keep an eye on it in case it went on sale.  Well, it didn’t go on sale at Guitar Center, but the price came down at all of the outlets to $800.  I thought Cool!  This thing is really a possibility now!  Just need to save up a few bucks and this baby is all mine.

    Fast forward to last weekend, and I’m in Best Buy picking of a couple of foot pedals, and I see the Thinline hanging on the wall listed at $599.  I asked the sales associate if it’s the same one as at Guitar Center for $800, he said “yep, we need to move it out to make room for some new product” .  Well, with that information, I then proceeded to set and play this guitar in the Best Buy music room for the next 30 minutes using the Fender Frontman 212 amp which is the same model I use at home.  I have to tell you, I was sooooo close to walking out with this thing.  It’s a great looking guitar with a semi hollow alder body that played amazing.  Just like the one I checked out at Guitar Center.  Here’s why I didn’t buy it – I picked up the Fender Highway One that was sitting next to it.  It was priced at $699.  I played this thing and found that while I liked the Fender Thinline, I LOVED the Highway one.  The neck seemed faster, the look was classic 50’s, and the single coil pickups seemed hotter.

    So, now I have a new obsession, saving for the Highway One while watching for sales.

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