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I was doing a considerable amount of searching around for a music score editor the other day, and I ran across this little gem.  Not only does it allow you to build chords but it allows you to name and hear the chords you’ve built.  Granted, the sound you hear, is a midi sound but hey, what do you want for free?  It also allows for multiple instruments, notes, accidentals, and just about everything else I can imagine I would need.  Granted, I’m not a power user of this kind of stuff in that I’m not a songwriter.  I was looking for something to help me build chords and learn about how their constructed and understand what scales would be best to play over them.  This is just the trick for that. 

Muse Score Screenshot

Since I’ve never really studied music other than the most basic stuff I found it fascinating to be able to builed the chords like above and then be able to instantly hear the differences between them with the built in Midi play.  This was pretty cool since I was fully expecting to have to pull out my guitar to mess around with what I had built.  This’ll save me some time and hopefully help me to learn more.

So check it out and grab it HERE

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