These guys to a pretty good job jammin’ the 12 bar blues.  It’s a lot of fun and beginner guitar players should learn how to to this and have some fun with it.  The chords involved here a B-E7-F#7 (I-IV-IV).  As far as soloing over this chord progression, your first approach should be to try the B Major Pentatonic.  The nice thing about this scale is that you can play it all over the different chords without ever changing.  Now over the course of the tune, it’ll start to get a little stale so you’ll want to mix in some other tricks.  I would add some B Minor Pentatonic at just the right spots.  It’s best to put on a backing track in a 12 bar blues pattern and practice, practice, practice!

If you really want to get jazzy with it ala Wes Montgomery…

Play the blues scale a fifth up from the root of every chord.

On B you play F# blues
On E (this could be E7 as well) you play B blues
On F#7 you play C# blues


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